Kansas Migrant and ELL Academy

Welcome to the Kansas

Migrant & ELL Online Academy!

The Online Academy was developed for teachers and administrators across Kansas who were not able to attend a session of the Pre-Institute Kansas Migrant & ELL Academy. This resource can also be used by those who attended a Pre-Institute Academy but would like to see a portion of the content again. In addition, school administrators and literacy coaches can access the Online Kansas Migrant & ELL Academy in order to facilitate professional development opportunities for their staff.

The Online Kansas Migrant & ELL Academy is designed to be interactive. You will participate in a variety of structures such as PowerPoint presentations, video clips, group activities, and professional readings. It is divided into 5 modules and each module is divided into segments. The topic and length of each topic is found on the Introductory Page of each module. Additionally, for each module all of the PowerPoint slides as well as handouts, references and resources can be downloaded from the link provided.

download real playerThe videos in these modules require that you have RealPlayer installed on your computer. If you do not have this player installed you can download it for free.
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Registration for the Topeka Migrant and ELL Academy has closed. If you would like to have your name added to the waitlist, please e-mail Adam Brazil, brazila@ku.edu